What does Avira Connect do?

avira connect

Avira Connect (formerly Avira Launcher) is the Avira dashboard, and is part of the Avira Antivirus package. It is a management panel, or dashboard, which centralizes and synchronizes all your devices currently linked to Avira.

Having a service such as Avira connect can be equated to having a personal doctor, on call, 24/7. It is there to always help and fix problems the moment that they become apparent.

It has the capability to provide information on as many devices as you have linked. It is primarily linked to your desktop, but allows you to manage your devices and Avira licenses to continue protection of more than just your PC.

Avira Connect is targeted towards a mixed-technology environment, and has the ability to sync all kinds of contemporary technology- most recently Mac and Android devices.

How does Avira Connect work?

Avira connect allows you to see all the Avira programs currently installed on your device, and can also send notifications if attention is required. The idea behind Avira connect is to have an all-encompassing centralized control panel for all your devices protected by Avira.

It is capable of starting virus scans to ensure security on your device and can also enable apps connected with the Avira service. Another purpose of Avira connect is being able to quickly bring new information to the user as soon as it is available.

Avira connect sends push notifications if a scan is required, or if any new updates are necessary. Avira connect is concerned foremostly with your devices’ health and helps ensure a high performance and secure digital environment.

Finally, the overarching purpose of Avira connect is simplicity and centralized solutions for cross-device issues. Having a control panel such as Avira connect allows for more peace of mind and less complex antivirus solutions.

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