Is Windows Defender good enough to protect my computer?

Microsoft Windows Defender for Windows 10
Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a built-in antivirus in Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft started to recommend it as an only protection you would need for your PC. But is it enough to protect your Windows 10 PC? Short answer – no.

Windows Defender offers very basic protection for your PC. If you compare it with 3rd party antivirus the main difference will be on protecting all aspects of your PC. See for example comparison of Windows Defender vs Avast Free Antivirus.

No web protection

Windows Defender won’t protect you against phishing sites or malware on the web. Once you get your PC infected it is so easy to get redirected to a phishing site while doing online banking. This can be a big problem especially for less computer-advanced users.

No email protection

There might be a lot of spams you are receiving. Not only that it is obtrusive but there is a high chance that attachment in such emails will contain malware. Anti-spam function is not included in Windows Defender either.

File protection – yes, but not so good.

Although Windows Defender features file protection, it detection capabilities are one of the worst among antivirus software compatible with Windows 10.

Is windows defender enough to protect Windows 110 PC?
Detection rates of Windows Defender

On a chart below, you can see percentage of missed samples (the lower the better). Online threats are evolving really fast and even one missed sample can become a real problem and your PC might get infected. Choosing

Final words   

Even it is only our personal opinion, as a computer enthusiasts, I would not recommend to use Windows Defender as a main protection for your Windows 10 PC.  Considering the fact that there are lot of free options with better detection rates and more additional features, is it better to choose among 3rd party solutions.



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