Avira Scout – The New Secure browser

Avira scout

Avira Scout is a safe and secure browser from Avira , concerned fore-mostly with user privacy and a smooth browsing experience. This is achieved through using multiple layers of added browser security, by ‘leaving no trace’ of a user on a site, by detecting and blocking the thousands of trackers left by these sites.

Trackers are used as information storage units, which absorb information from you, such as the sites you’re visiting, what you’re clicking on and what grabs your interest. This information can be sold and resold to whomever is willing to pay!

Avira Scout is constantly detecting and destroying these trackers before they have the chance to obtain any information about you or your browsing preferences.

Advantages of using Avira Scout  

Avira Scout prevents you from going to blacklisted sites, those known for malicious phishing and tracking, and also incorporates a new technology known as HTTPs Everywhere, to ensure that you are using a secure, encrypted connection whenever possible.

There are two preset modes usable on Avira Scout;

  • Safe Surfing Mode, which enhances privacy and safe browsing while minimally changing the user experience, working only in the background.
  • Safe and Private Mode, providing the highest possible level of security only using pop up boxes

Avira Scout is exceedingly easy to set up and transfer personal data from safe and quickly.

Features on Avira Scout

Safe Browsing

Avira searcher for and blocks potentially harmful websites before they load and have the chance to infect your system. Avira Scout also highlights known infected websites for ultimate protection.

Privacy Protection

Avira Scout collects no user information and keeps you safe from companies who want it. Avira Scout blocks trackers twice, using two different systems to identify and delete them before they can extract any user information

Chromium Build

Avira Scout is based of Chromium, (google chrome) the Stability, speed and intuition found in the chrome browser is also integrated in the Avira Scout browser

Other Features

Aside these features; Avira Scout goes beyond and protects further against malicious and phishing URL by automatically blocking these addresses.

Visiting either of these types of pages makes the user an instant target, and instantaneously attach exploit kit to the browser, which search and exploit security vulnerabilities and install unwanted malware on your system.

Avira Scout goes further and blocks SPAM traps, which are pages that identify your email address and sell it to anyone willing to pay. Using Avira Scout, these sites are identified and blocked before the potential to be infected is realized.

A relatively new type of malware, known as MSE or Malicious Search Engines are also blocked by Avira Scout. These Search Engines set themselves up as the default search and can control the user’s search results.

These are notoriously hard to clean from an already infected system, but Avira Scout’s pre-warning system makes this a thing of the past.

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