Avast adds Ransomware Shield in premium versions

Avast Ransomware Shiled

Ransomware is becoming one of the top threats that business’ face with an ever growing number of attacks globally.  Why is this so?  Well, simply put they work.  The most recent large scale attack in May of 2017 was known as WannaCry ransomware attack and for the infected computers (close to 230 thousand) the cost to release their data was $300 ea.  The potential upside to the criminals in just this one attack alone was close to $69 million!

How to keep your data safe from ransomware?

The best option is to take and keep regular backups of all of your key data and information.  However, this is a time consuming and onerous process and many people simply do not make the effort.  Simply storing files in the cloud while potentially giving you a safe place does, unfortunately, leave you in a 3rd parties hands in terms of the security measures that they take and once again your files could be at risk.

Avast adds Ransomware Shield as prevention

The Avast Ransomware Shield is a new feature that has recently been made available to Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier users (not available to Avast Free Antivirus users).  This new update takes a leaf from the attackers’ book in the way it protects your computer from attack.

With the Avast Ransomware Shield, key files and folders that you select get “walled off” so that they are protected from any unauthorized changes. The protection also extends to ensuring that the selected files and folders are protected from being unencrypted.  You are required to spend some time initially selecting the files and folders for protection as protecting your entire computer will slow your system down significantly, but this is a one time task and removes the burden of remembering to make backups.

How to activate Avast Ransomware Shield?

Avast Ransomware Shield is available for all users running the latest version of Avast Internet Security or Avast Premier. To manage settings, simply go to Protection tab and hit Ransomware shield.

You can easily add or remove folders which you want to protect from ransomware.

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Source: Avast blog post

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