Avast 2017 introduced with a new game mode, behavioral shield and new user interface

Avast 2017 - Smart scan
Avast scan on Windows 10

Avast Software, the maker of Avast Antivirus introduced its product line for 2017. All products got a completely new user interface, improved features and a Game Mode yet still stays lightweight and powerful. Take a look what’s inside new Avast.

After Avast acquired AVG in September 2017, it has released already second major update of its portfolio. AVG 2017 was introduced at the beginning of January 2017 and one month after that Avast comes with Avast 2017 and updates its four security products for PC (Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier)

All products got a completely new user interface with a dark purple color. Previously Avast used to distinguish free and paid users with a color of user interface however in 2017 version you will not find any design differences between free and paid version.

Avast 2017 - Main user interface

The main navigation which used to be on top in the previous version moved to the left vertical panel. There are four main tabs you can access from this navigation. The Home tab displays the overall protection status and allows you to run Smart Scan with a one-click directly from main windows. The second tab is dedicated to protection. You can manage Avast Shields, access files in Virus Chest and see the last scan history. There is also option to access Software Defender (in previous version Software Updater) or Rescue disk. The third tab involves all privacy features such as Avast Secureline VPN, Data Shredder (only in premium version) and Avast Passwords for managing your passwords. And the last tab includes performance settings allowing you to access Avast Cleanup and configure Game Mode which is a new feature in Avast 2017.

Game Mode in Avast 2017 allows you to play your favorite video games without any notifications or interruptions from Avast. Games are detected automatically but you can add them to the list also manually.

Avast 2017 - Game mode

Avast 2017 has also new behavioral shields which was previously implemented in AVG products. Thanks to this feature Avast monitors behavior of all apps (even the good ones) and stops it if it starts to look suspicious. Along with zero-day threat detection known as Cybercapture, it gives malware no chance.

The last change is in improved Passive mode. This feature allows you to run Avast even if you are running other antivirus on your PC. You can still install Avast and use it for scanning or accessing other features. Avast shields are disabled in passive mode.

Changes in Avast 2017

  • Behavioral shield
  • Passive mode
  • Game mode
  • User interface

If you want to try Avast Free Antivirus 2017 or try one of the premium products, you can download it from links below (official Avast servers).

Other screenshots

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